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WTF some people are so f*cking selfish and ignorant

A dear friend of mine was first shit on by alleged friends(brought to tears and EXTREMELY fragile and vulnerable) so I took her out to a safe quiet place to talk. A place that was comfortable and felt safe.then gets hit on by an asshole 20 years older(the freakin' manager of the place) who scared the hell out of her in the 5 minutes I went to the store Kept saying to her "I'm a pig..I'm a pig and I just want to f*ck you.Needless to say the moment I returned she wanted to leave. She was badly shaken by the whole thing and didn't want to be alone right away so I kept her company for a while. She calmed down some and asked me not to react to it.Because I am considerate of other peoples wishes now that I'm older I did not react as I would have as a younger man (after military training) I was inclined to go bust him up and put him in a wheelchair so he wouldn't prey on vulnerable women anymore Now it's 4am and I've been charged up about this since 10pm.I am so stewed about it that I know that I can't let this shit slide.I know deep down inside that at some point words will fly. What happens next is anyones guess......Let me put it this way. At this stage it's no different than how I'd react if some lecherous old bastard  hit on my one of my daughters that way........That creates the possibility for a world of hurt. There are some things worth going to jail for

Idiots of the year

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